Aaron Hagar’s name may sound familiar since he is the son of, the legendary Red Rocker, Sammy Hagar, the inspiration behind Rat Runners Garage and appears on numerous Podcasts and Youtube videos.   Meet the down to earth, Aaron, who talks traveling with the Hagar family, building rides and how to stay humble on your own personal rock-n-roll journey.

The second half of the show we change gears….. 

I’m sure somewhere you have seen a 1965 teal blue Mustang with a blonde behind the wheel traveling the country and clocking in as many miles as humanly possible.  This week you will get a chance to meet Courtney Barber a self proclaimed “man in a women's body” who should have become a “truck driver”  but instead spends her days building her Mustang and road rallying all over the continent.

And don't forget your time is running out to enter the Pennzoil Joyride Contest so make sure to visit pennzoil.com for rules on how to enter so you too can head to Barrett-Jackson and buy a $50,000 ride!

Skidmarks Show is a 30 minutes bi-weekly Automotive and Rock-n-Roll radio show with your hosts Jeff Allen from CNBC’s “The Car Chasers” and owner of Flat 12 Gallery and Ethan D. host of the morning radio show “The Rock Show” on FMX. 

Behind the scenes video and photographs at skidmarksshow.com  

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