Episode 41 - Jeff Allen Takes on the Fool’s Roll Road Rally… Never heard of it, now you have

March 15, 2017

Using a $2000 or less car, you must buy a car, drive it from Austin to Vegas, sell the car and put all the money on one bet of blackjack, roulette, craps or war while wearing costumes the entire time. The team that gets to Vegas in the least amount of time, without breaking the law, wins.  Get a ticket and you’re out.   


Listen as the scheming starts and the plans unfold. 


Jeff Allen, your co-host of this automotive podcast “Skidmarks Show” and CNBC’s “The Car Chasers” is taking his road rally skills to a whole new level on this years “Fool’s Roll”.  Fool’s Roll is a Cannonball-Run type of event that starts in Austin, Texas and rallies to Las Vegas, Nevada.  All with the hopes of making the best time not breaking down and not getting a ticket!


“I’ve done a crazy amount of coast to coast road rallies and the idea of driving 1300 miles in a $2000 car that you are unfamiliar with, all for the sake of charity, sounds like a perfect recipe to me!” -Jeff Allen


We are excited to announce the partnership with Shell, Pennzoil and SEMA Cares for this exciting event.  Listen now and make sure to follow the journey via Flat 12 Gallery and Skidmarks Show on Facebook, Youtube, Twitter and Instagram with #FoolsRoll.  


Watch as Jeff Allen finds the $2000 car of choice,  join in to decide the theme, follow the journey and cheer him on to the win for the SEMA Cares Charities.


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